Parkburns Lift-line Management System awarded ‘qualified technology status’ by DNVGL

17th May 2021

Parkburns Lift-line Management System awarded ‘qualified technology status’ by DNVGL

Parkburns patented Lift-line Management System (LMS) integrated within the McGregor FibreTrak crane has been awarded ‘qualified technology status’ by DNVGL under the DNVGL – ST- 407 rope based Deployment and Recovery Systems (DRS).

The LMS is the independent element on the crane providing ASSURED performance of the lift line by collecting data from various sensors, third party equipment and algorithms to track, display, calculate the remaining “holding capacity” for every metre of rope on the system displayed in real time to the crane operator.

Additionally, the system provides the tools to allow the lift or project supervisor to plan upcoming campaigns by entering payloads and water depths and estimated AHC requirements. The system will use the existing history of the rope at the required water depth and estimate the impact of the new campaign in the rope providing assurance the rope will perform the lifting sequences required.  Maximising lifetime and minimising service intervals is key to reducing operational costs, using the LMS allows the operator to base decisions on real data.

Parkburn Consultant Sam Bull comments, “This is a major step forward in the life management of ropes used in critical applications.”

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