General Purpose Handling

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General Purpose Handling

Parkburn provides robust and reliable general purpose handling systems for a variety of offshore and onshore applications.

Parkburn can undertake bespoke design and build projects based on customer requirements.

Current applications include:

  • Dive support vessel umbilical winches
  • Submarine ventilation umbilical winches
  • Seismic streamer winches/ reels
  • Oceanographic/ survey winches
  • Antarctic exploration winches
  • Tugger winches for onshore and offshore applications
  • Replenishment-At-Sea (RAS) Equipment
  • Special Purpose Handling Systems
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Parkburn’s general handling systems are used by a large number of operators worldwide for a variety of onshore and offshore applications.

Parkburn’s customers benefit from:

  • All design (control, drive and mechanical) completed in-house by Parkburn engineers
  • Comprehensive in-house testing capability
  • Safe, smooth and accurate digital speed and tension control
  • Local, remote and/or portable radio control
  • Full AC vector-controlled motors
  • Power regeneration capability
  • Containerisation and open-deck options
  • Fast, efficient installation and commissioning

Complete range of design, manufacturing and test certification options available.

Parkburn can provide on-site assessment and offer costed solutions to improve equipment productivity, safety and reliability.

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