Naval Systems

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Naval Systems

Parkburn has supplied specialist naval handling and control systems for more than fifty years.

Leading navies, including the US Navy, UK Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy and Republic of Korea Navy, use Parkburn systems on their surface vessels and submarines.

Naval Systems

Parkburn’s naval systems are designed to meet all operational requirements including, where specified, the most onerous of shock, vibration and environmental conditions.

A wide variety of equipment is supplied and supported by Parkburn, including:

  • Variable depth sonar winches
  • Low magnetic signature winches, drives and pumps for minehunters
  • Submerged winches for submarine applications
  • Survey vessel winches/ reels
  • Stores & ammunition lift machinery and controls
  • Replenishment-At-Sea (RAS) Equipment
  • Winches, drives and controls for davits and boat handling
  • A-frames, extending booms and Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) for manned and unmanned surface and submersible vessels
  • Advanced PLC controls and electric drive systems for a wide variety of naval deck machinery equipment

Key to the success of the above is a comprehensive integrated logistic support service which includes: technical support, operating & maintenance manuals, training, service visits, spare parts and a comprehensive repair and maintenance service

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