Pipe Lay & Pipe Handling Systems

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Pipe Lay and Pipe Handling Systems

Parkburn designs “class leading” solutions for flexible and rigid pipelay operations. While appreciating the merits of current systems, Parkburn’s continuous improvement philosophy challenges convention and seeks alternative solutions which provide cost savings without reducing safety or reliability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inbuilt and portable “plug and play” system design
  • Full range of storage designs including carousels, rim and reel drives
  • Two, three and four ,track tensioners
  • World-wide class system compliance
  • Independent third party review and assessment
  • “All electric” drive designs with remote diagnostic capability
  • Operator training and competence assessment
  • Capstan Reel Installation Systems “CRIS” – see innovation
Pipe Lay and Pipe Handling Systems

A wide range of fully redundant and electrically-driven handling systems is available to support both factory and ship operations. Carousels or reels ranging from 500 to 7,000t storage capacity in both single or twin basket modes are available. Under-roller or reel drives can be provided for both fixed and portable locations.

Multi–track tensioners configured for side or top-loading or both are fully available with optional integral tension monitoring.

For the higher outboard tension requirements of 200t and upwards, Parkburn now has the CRIS design solution available aimed at significantly reducing the gripping forces in the pipe whilst bringing tower and installation heights on the ship down by more than 50%. 200, 500 and 800t CRIS systems designs are available for shallow, intermediate and ultra-deep water.

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