Dive Bell Handling Systems

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Dive Bell Handling SystemsDive Bell Handling SystemsDive Bell Handling SystemsDive Bell Handling Systems

Dive Bell Handling Systems

Parkburn supplies “class leading” launch and recovery solutions for all saturation system diving and submarine rescue activities. Today Parkburn’s systems are associated with the World Records for both the deepest saturation dives and the greatest number of “trouble free” diving operations. Parkburn sets the bar for system design and operation because of its comprehensive understanding of the operator needs and Parkburn’s intent to remain “best in class”.

Features & Benefits:

  • Inbuilt and portable “plug and play” system design
  • Single or triple-wire configuration
  • World-wide class system compliance
  • Independent third party safety (SIL) review and assessment
  • “All-electric” drive designs with remote diagnostic capability
  • Integral active or passive heave compensation
  • Load impulse protection on all main wires
  • Operator training and competence assessment
  • Full FAT and dynamic functionality demonstration
drive control panel

A complete range of fully redundant and electrically-driven winches is available in both single-wire conventional format and triple-wire “non clump” format for “in water” operations. These can be provided as in-built designs for dedicated DSV Diving Bell / SDC operations or in a portable format for over-side or through moonpool vessels of convenience. Inherent redundancy offers no loss of power or speed during secondary recovery modes coupled with full active heave compensation when operating at diving depths.

Additional boom or A-Frame systems compliment the product portfolio for deployment and recovery of submarine rescue “SRV” operations including those required for the first response “de-gassing” operations.

Full system design and operational control software is fully developed by our “in-house” dedicated team and a full range of operator or maintainer training can be provided.

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