Fibre Rope Handling

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Fibre Rope Handling

Deep Water Capstan is a unique fibre rope handling machine developed specifically to tension and de-tension fibre ropes, cables and umbilicals without imparting significant forces into the cables. Available from 20t to 1,000t machines in single fall configurations.


  • Compact traction device
  • Light weight
  • Self-fleeting
  • Electric or Hydraulic drives

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Fibre Rope Handling

The Deep Water Capstan comprises of two separate drums merged and offset to each other around the rotational centre line to create a natural helix and a slight elliptical cable path through the machine. Each drum has 16 “fingers” providing the cable bearing surface and result in a unique binary de-tensioning or tensioning profile that spreads the work evenly throughout a long section of rope as it passes through the machine allowing the cable to be stored at low tensions when not in use. Parkburn has recently delivered a 150t unit to MacGregor in Norway for installation on their new FibreTrac 1500 crane.

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