Airborne Wind Energy System To Be Manufactured By Parkburn

16th July 2020

Airborne Wind Energy System To Be Manufactured By Parkburn

Parkburn Contracted By Ampyx Power To Manufacture Landing Deck With Rotation System

Parkburn has been contracted by Ampyx Power to manufacture a Landing Deck With Rotation System for an innovative Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES).

Ampyx Power has created a 150kW AWES demonstration model ready for manufacture. Parkburn will design and build the 23m diameter deck used for landing the tethered aircraft that flies like a kite to generate wind power.

The compact deck autonomously aligns with the changing wind direction, allowing for minimum cross wind during catapult launch and horizontal landing of the 12 meter wingspan autonomous aircraft. The mechanism is a circular steel rail with moving carriages that support the deck. The deck will be round and flush with the ground, to support a wide range of test cases for the pre-commercial demonstrator. The deck will be built on a modular structure and will be ready in the beginning of next year. For a commercial system, the deck will be smaller, rectangular and elevated above the ground.

Project Manager AP3 Platform Ampyx Power Diane Fovet: “Parkburn’s expertise, practical approach and methods are exactly what we need at this point in time. As a manufacturing company with engineering capabilities, Parkburn designs towards manufacturing processes, keeping a focus on project planning and controlling project expenses. Working together with Parkburn will bring us a practical yet elegant solution.”

Parkburn’s project manager for AP3, Sam Bull:” AWES may play a significant part in the future of renewable energy as it offers a low carbon and efficient alternative for conventional wind energy technologies. The aircraft accesses the higher and more powerful winds above 200 m, requiring much less material to construct, smaller foundation, and infrastructure. We’re looking forward to contributing to this renewable energy innovation with our extensive expertise in a solution-oriented approach towards mechanical designs and in view of series production.”

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