Parkburn Launches Self-Fleeting Cable Drum Engine

23rd December 2019

Parkburn Launches Self-Fleeting Cable Drum Engine

Parkburn is pleased to introduce its self-fleeting cable drum engine to the subsea telecoms market.

This self-fleeting design uses Parkburn’s patented capstan technology. In 2019 Parkburn’s capstan was successfully qualified and launched on MacGregor’s FibreTrac 1500 crane. The technology has now been adapted to the demands of telecoms cable handling.

On conventional cable engines, manually-operated fleeting knives and rings control the position of the cable on the drum. Parkburn’s self-fleeting drum creates a natural helix for the cable as the drum rotates. The relative geometry of the two interlocked drums creates the helix with no complex controls. Parkburn’s self-fleeting cable drum engine doesn’t require manual intervention, fleeting knives or rings. It is simpler and more reliable than all competing technologies.

Parkburn develops solutions that provide tangible benefits for its customers. The self-fleeting cable drum engine is a great example of this. We are very pleased to offer the subsea telecoms market a step-change in capability
Andy Lawson, Parkburn Director

Parkburn’s cable drum engines are robust, reliable and economical to operate. Parkburn’s self-fleeting cable drum engine requires less space and offers reduced operating and maintenance costs. Game-changing advantages for operators.

Watch our video to find out more here!

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