Parkburn Continues to Deliver its Worldwide Service Thanks to Remote Commissioning

8th June 2021

Parkburn Continues to Deliver its Worldwide Service Thanks to Remote Commissioning

The travel restrictions imposed on us all over the past months have had a serious impact on our
ability to support our clients worldwide. However, in such circumstances we have had to adapt and
think ‘outside of the box’.

We were scheduled to attend an interim commissioning phase for our client on a 530m Twin
Portable Diving System in Shanghai, which we had recently designed and manufactured. However,
travel restrictions as they were at the time made it impossible for us to attend.

While all parties appreciated the problems, our client asked if we could think of any alternatives as
their own client, the end user, was desperately trying to move the project forward.

So, with a lot of thought and planning along with onsite support from our client we ventured into
the possibility of “remote commissioning” despite the fact that the shipyard location did not even
have any wired internet access. A task which previously would not have been considered.

The installation of an elaborate multi-camera video network on site, along with two mobile 4G
communication links, one to the control system and the other to the camera system, made it
possible for us to carry out this activity from our Head Office in Hamilton.

While it was approached with extreme care and caution, the activity was recently completed successfully.

The outcome of which left us with an extremely grateful client and a very satisfied end user.

Parkburn Director David Moore commented, “This is just another example of how we at Parkburn will endeavour for a solution irrespective of the difficulties we may face. It is important to recognise it is our people that make this possible as we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a multitude of engineering disciplines meaning nothing is impossible”.

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