Turntable & Carousel Systems


Parkburn designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty single basket and dual basket carousel and loading tower systems for both land-based cable / pipe / umbilical production and offshore installation and retrieval operations.

The Parkburn service includes bespoke engineering to satisfy factory/vessel interfaces and any required class/3rd party design verification requirements. Parkburn can offer full FAT and trial assembly options, plus fully managed system installation and commissioning on a worldwide basis.

Typical Parkburn Carousel System Features & Benefits:

  • All system electronic (hardware & software), hydraulic & mechanical design and integration provided in-house by Parkburn engineers
  • Each system is specifically designed to suit the client’s individual application
  • Fully synchronised load and lay operations
  • Parkburn designed and manufactured drives, controls & instrumentation
  • Electrically or hydraulically driven
  • Bio-degradable hydraulic oil option
  • Basket strain gauge options to allow efficient roller alignment/load share
  • Failsafe drive coupling options for additional redundancy
  • Minimal system footprint
  • Proven class and 3rd party certified design & manufacturing philosophies

In addition to the basket systems, Parkburn also designs and manufactures all the required project support equipment including:

  • Loading towers and loading arms
  • Basket support rollers
  • Bespoke control rooms & cabins
  • Tracked tensioners
  • Wheeled haulers
  • Pull-through winches
  • Product support trackway, quadrants and in-line compensation equipment (where required)
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