Draw Off / Hold Back (DOHB) Engines


Parkburn Precision Handling Systems (PPHS) is the world’s most experienced supplier of specialist marine telecoms cable handling systems and equipment.

From producing our first “DOHB” in 1970 for the British Post Office Cableship CS Alert, PPHS has led the market to the present day, developing telecoms cable lay and retrieval systems through hydraulic, DC electric to today’s latest state of the art, all AC electric digitally controlled telecoms cable handling systems.

The Parkburn DOHB is positioned forward of the CDE and is mounted on a hydraulically actuated traverse frame. The DOHB provides cable back tension and cable fleeting assistance across the CDE drum when passing repeaters. The DOHB is usually operated in synchronisation with the CDE but can also be used as a heavy duty transporter and/or back up LCE.

PPHS DOHB systems designed and manufactured today are predominantly electrically driven and therefore include the following inherent “Parkburn standard” design features and operational benefits;

  • “Plug & Play” Capability for Simple, Fast & Efficient Mobilisation
  • In-Line Synchronisation Capability
  • Full AC Vector Controlled Motor Synchronisation
  • Product Safe, Smooth Digital Speed & Tension Control
  • Pitch Compensated Load Cell Dynamometry
  • Local, Remote, Hardwire and / or Radio Controls
  • Power Regeneration Capability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Proven In-Service Performance & Reliability

Adding our bespoke design capability to an extensive range of existing “off the shelf” designs, Parkburn guarantees its clients DOHB systems and equipment, which match perfectly the client’s criteria for performance flexibility, ease of operations, reliability and vessel systems interface.



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