Deck Support Trackway and Quadrants


Parkburn Precision Handling Systems (PPHS) designs and manufactures deck mounted support trackway as part of Parkburn’s multi-product handling systems supply capability.

Parkburn designs all support trackway and support quadrants specific to the available space, product MBR line load and any weight limitations etc., but each assembly generally includes the following design features and benefits;

  • Bearing free and maintenance free design
  • Rugged and hard wearing support rollers
  • Stainless steel installation fittings and fasteners
  • Top loading and/or side loading allowances
  • Smooth and curved contact areas to prevent product damage
  • Offshore standard paint system

All Parkburn support structures are designed within the applicable classification society rules and guidelines at the time of contract, and if required, can also be integrated with in-line handling systems and equipment.



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