Carousel Manipulator Arms


Parkburn Precision Handling Systems (PPHS) designs and manufactures multi product manipulator arms as part of Parkburn’s carousel / turntable system supply capability.

The example system shown across was designed, built and tested to a very demanding top level specification to facilitate as far as possible a “universal product” carousel loading process. To achieve this challenging client requirement, PPHS designed a system which can be rotated, articulated (across 3 sections) and incorporates product guidance paddles, to ensure complete basket coverage and safe handling for small to very large diameter product.

This Parkburn manipulator arm is a self contained remotely controlled system, designed to handle HV cables, umbilical’s and flexibles as well as both umbilical and flexibles’ subsea termination assemblies, to the following general design criteria;

  • 4 m Product MBR
  • 7.5 t Max Line Tension
  • 285 kg/m Max Product Weight



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