Carousel Loading Towers


Parkburn Precision Handling Systems (PPHS) designs and manufactures carousel loading towers, as part of Parkburn’s carousel / turntable turnkey system supply capability.

PPHS loading towers are modular in construction, allowing fast manufacture, assembly and mobilisation and are designed to be self contained whilst occupying the minimum deck footprint.

Included in a typical PPHS carousel loading tower assembly are the following system components and features;

  • Integral air conditioned electronic drives and distribution enclosure
  • Class approved stairways, walkways and handrails
  • Air-conditioned control cabin (c/w operator furniture)
  • Remote controls and instrumentation suite
  • Loading arm tensioner / hauler (for synchronised operations with carousel)
  • Multi directional loading arm assembly (c/w maintenance walkway)
  • Single lift capability (for fast mobilisation / de-mobilisation)



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