Cable Haulers & Transporters


Since producing the first “LCE” in 1970, Parkburn has been at the forefront of cable handling market technology. The portable Cable Hauler/Transporter has evolved from inefficient hydraulic systems to modern state of the art AC electric variable speed drives, with multiple wheel pairs, which can be synchronised with other haulers (if compatible), providing the operator with maximum flexibility.

Using proven mechanical design philosophies in conjunction with state-of-the-art electronic drives and controls, Parkburn supplies rugged, reliable equipment for fast mobilisation and safe & simple operation. Equipment can be provided as individual stand-alone machines, or as part of fully-synchronised and automated turnkey back-deck handling systems.

Parkburn Cable Hauler / Transporter Features & Benefits:

  • Full AC vector-controlled motor synchronisation and load share
  • Cable safe, smooth & accurate digital speed and tension control options
  • Integral support hydraulics
  • Bio-degradable hydraulic oil option
  • Local, remote and/or radio control options
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Self-contained plug and play systems
  • Static/dynamic FAT options prior to delivery
  • Fast and efficient installation and commissioning
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