Ancillary Systems & Equipment


Parkburn Precision Handling Systems (PPHS) is the world’s most experienced supplier of specialist marine telecoms cable handling systems and equipment.

From producing our first telcoms handling system in 1970, PPHS has led the market to the present day, developing handling technologies through hydraulic to the latest state of the art, all AC electric digitally controlled systems.

As part of its turnkey deck spread supply capability, Parkburn designs and manufactures a full range of telecoms ancillary equipment and instrumentation in support of the main handling system equipment.

This range of equipment includes;

  • Emergency Cable Brakes (Stonker Brakes)
  • Cable Diverters
  • Cable Dynamometers
  • Portable Speed and Distance Assemblies
  • Digital Deck Displays
  • Digital Control Room Displays
  • “Tank to Stern” Cable Support Trackway



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