Diving Bell Handling Systems


Parkburn Precision Handling Systems is a quality worldwide provider of DSV diving bell handling systems. Since receiving its market launch contract in 2007, Parkburn has been supplying robust, reliable and technically advanced, packages of fully class certified handling systems and equipment.

The Parkburn diving bell handling systems designed and manufactured to date have been specifically designed to suit each vessel, the bell system(s) to be handled and each client’s particular requirements, across all system constituents, including controls, instrumentation and 3rd party system interfaces.

When adding this engineering expertise to our in-house testing, on-site installation, commissioning and through life system support services, the Parkburn envelope of design, manufacture, mobilisation and support provides its clients a true “turnkey” system package.

Typical PPHS DSV Handling Systems and Equipment
  • Bell lift winches (with optional integral AHC)
  • Guide wire winches
  • Clump weights
  • Umbilical winches
  • Slip Rings
  • Moon pool cursors
  • Handling trolleys
  • Sheave systems
  • Auto locks, latches and switching interfaces
  • Electric or Hydraulic drives suite and operator controls

Our latest diving hell handling systems incorporate Parkburn’s electric drives and controls technology, providing the operator with optimal control and safety features.

  • Smooth, stepless speed control
  • Advantageous performance range – system provides full torque at zero speed
  • Exceptionally high redundancy
  • Reduced system hysteresis and therefore improved dynamic response
  • Simpler installation and commissioning procedures
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Power regeneration to vessel switchboard
  • Noise reduction
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