Telecoms Cable Handling Systems

Example Carousel System 3D DesignModel
21Wheel Pair Linear Cable Engine (LCE)
Example Carousel System 3D DesignModel
40T Cable Drum Engine CDE
Example Carousel System 3D DesignModel
Example Cable Handling System Installation

Parkburn Precision Handling Systems (PPHS) is the world leading provider of offshore telecommunications deployment and retrieval systems. Under the then Dowty brand name, PPHS pioneered the Linear Cable Engine (LCE) design and manufacturing its first system in 1969. Since this time PPHS has pushed the technology employed from hydraulic drive, through DC and now to all AC electric systems, and still sets the industry standard for performance and reliability.

Having supplied systems & equipment to over 73 telecoms cableships and depots worldwide, PPHS has unequalled expertise and technical knowledge to provide you a system which perfectly matches your project requirement and vessel capability.

Parkburn Telecoms Handling Equipment

Today’s telecoms cable handling systems and equipment are predominantly electrically driven and therefore includes the following inherent “Parkburn standard” design features and operational benefits;

  • Full AC Vector Controlled Motor Synchronisation
  • Cable Safe, Smooth Digital Speed & Tension Control
  • Auto – Lay Capability
  • Integral Support Hydraulics
  • Pitch Compensated Load Cell Dynamometry
  • Local, Remote, Hardwire and / or Radio Controls
  • Power Regeneration Capability
  • Open Deck Rated
  • Simple & Efficient Low Cost Installation
  • Containerised Systems Available
  • Proven In-Service Performance & Reliability

  • 4T 4WP DOHB (AC)
  • Self Contained Speed & Distance Assembly
  • Self Contained Emergency “Stonker” Brake
  • 7T 7WP Self Contained LCE (AC)
  • 1T 1WP Transporter (AC)
  • Example Weatherproof Deck Display
  • Telecoms Cable Handling System Dynamic FAT
  • Telecoms Cable Handling System Example Installation