7000T Carousel System (AC)
7000T Carousel System (AC)
Static Tank Loading Arm
Static Tank HV Cable Loading Arm (AC)
10T 2-Track Self Contained Tensioner
10T 2-Track Self Contained Tensioner (AC)

HV Power Cable and Pipe Handling Systems

Parkburn Precision Handling Systems is a world leading provider of offshore HV power cable and pipe deployment and retrieval systems. Utilising rugged and proven mechanical design philosophies in conjunction with state of the art electronic drives and controls, PPHS manufactures reliable heavy duty systems to suit each client’s particular requirement.

Typical Systems and Equipment

The Parkburn pipe & HV power cable handling systems and equipment offered today are predominantly electrically driven and therefore includes the following inherent “Parkburn Standard” design features and operational benefits;

  • “Plug and Play” Capability
  • In–line synchronisation capability
  • Simple, fast & Efficient Mobilisation
  • Full AC Vector Controlled Motor Synchronisation
  • Product Safe, Smooth Digital Speed and Tension Control
  • Local, Remote, Hardwire and / or Radio Controls
  • Integral Support Hydraulics (where required)
  • Optional Pitch Compensated Load Cell Dynamometry
  • Power Regeneration Capability
  • Containerised Systems Available
  • Proven In-Service Performance & Reliability