Lease Hire Systems

Parkburn Precision Handling Systems (PPHS) now offers easily mobilised, self contained offshore product handling equipment for lease hire, to a worldwide customer base.

  • AC electric drive for smooth, stepless & precise speed and tension control operations
  • Digital wheel synchronisation, preventing wheel slip
  • Specialist “Dowty” LCE tyres
  • Multi machine synchronisation capability
  • Digital speed, tension and distance indications are provided (& exportable)
  • Integral hydraulic supply for wheel open/close, squeeze and brakes
  • Easy control via hardwired control pendant unit
  • Containerised system for easy transport/positioning/securing

The above in-house designed and manufactured systems, are proven at sea, are rugged and reliable and can be used in line (synchronised operations) with other existing pipe / HV power / telecoms / umbilical / general product deployment systems to provide the operator a cost effective option to new purchase, for short term projects.

In summary therefore, Parkburn lease hire systems provide the operator;

  • Fast and efficient installation (only a 380 - 440V 3ph supply required)
  • Open deck rated and completely self contained systems
  • Smooth digitally synchronised speed control
  • Highly accurate tension control via Integral load cell dynamometry
  • Local hardwired controls
  • Lay data output capability to clients local or remote instrumentation
  • Reliable operations
  • Cost effective rates