AC Electric 85T SWL Heave Compensating Fibre Rope Winch
AC Electric 85T SWL Heave Compensating Fibre Rope Winch

Fibre Rope Winch & Devployment Tower During Mobilisation
Fibre Rope Winch & Deployment Tower

Fibre Rope Handling Systems

Exploration and subsequent oil and gas production in the ever deeper subsea environment has created a market requirement for cost effective means of deploying deepwater structures and tools to the sea bed.

Modern fibre ropes, which exhibit near to zero weight in water, lend themselves to the deployment of heavy subsea packages, but also give rise to special handling considerations. PPHS has researched many different technologies and fibre rope handling techniques resulting in the recent delivery of an 85Te SWL electrically heave compensated fibre rope handling system.

The fibre rope winch system illustrated is electrically driven & digitally controlled and therefore includes the following inherent “Parkburn standard” design features and operational benefits;

  • Plug & Play
  • Integral Heave Compensation
  • Simple, Fast & Efficient Mobilisation
  • Full AC Vector Controlled Motor Synchronisation
  • Product Safe, Smooth Digital Speed & Tension Control
  • Local, Remote, Hardwire and/or Radio Controls
  • Power Regeneration Capability

PPHS currently has over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing deep water handling systems. From standard speed controlled deployment and recovery winches through soft landing heavy duty capstan winches and closed loop tension control traction winches, PPHS offers the full range of technology required to satisfy each clients individual requirement.