Fixed Installation AC Drives Enclosures
Fixed Installation AC Drives Enclosures
System Mounted AC Drives Enclosures
System Mounted AC Drives Enclosures
Fixed Installation Hydraulic Power Units
Fixed Installation Hydraulic Power Units

Drives and Control Systems

The Parkburn Specialist Drives and Controls division based in Hamilton, central Scotland, has been at the forefront of Offshore Marine, Naval, Process, Machine Control, Data Acquisition and Industrial Material Handling technology for over 20 years.

Turnkey drive systems can be designed and built for any industrial and commercial application, and for specialist marine applications are supplied for installation on or below deck, integral to the piece of equipment, or fitted within application specific ISO type containers.

Whether a large multi pump/motor HPU or a simple integrally mounted IP68 air conditioned AC drive panel, PPHS takes pride in engineering rugged and reliable drive systems for use in harsh environments.

PPHS has extensive knowledge of drives systems pioneering the transition from complex hydraulic systems to the latest environmentally friendly vector drives. Our drive systems offer high performance, flexibility and reliability and can incorporate the following design protocols, programmes and features:

  • Closed/open loop vector drive technology
  • ME
  • Batch ERP
  • Intelligent MCC
  • PLC
  • Local & remote hardwired, radio fixed or portable control packages
  • 3rd party equipment interface and upgrades

PPHS designs and manufactures to all required class requirements across mechanical, electrical (software and hardware) and hydraulic disciplines, utilising AutoCAD and Inventor 3D design and modelling facilities providing the client a truly &ldquot;designed to suit&rdquot; capability.

  • Fixed Installation Control Consoles
  • Deck Mounted Control Consoles
  • Equipment Instrumentation
  • Deck Instrumentation
  • Control Cabins
  • Hardwire Pendant Controls
  • Radio Pendant Controls